Financial Empowerment Eligibility Form (Life Fulfillment Group)
With the fall in oil prices in the international market and resultant dwindling revenue in, and most small and medium enterprises recording an all-time downtrend in business due to low patronage, are you ready to wade through difficult times?
Life Fulfillment Group is a non governmental Global Initiative designed to empower people this year and beyond to solve low income problems and equip you financially.
If you are found eligible based on the form you fill below, you will be invited and this Project will be free for you.
Are you prepare Financially for this year no matter what the Country Economy Bring? *
What are you LOOKING forward to in life? (You can select more than one option)
Do you like helping others? *
What is your monthly income goal? *
How soon do you want to start building a side business that will give you this monthly income? *
How many hours per week would you spend on a personal side business if you were presented with the right business opportunity *
Which of these businesses have you tried before?
How serious are you about starting a side business? *
When would you be ready to start if the right opportunity is exposed to you? *
How much are you willing to invest in the right opportunity to give you your desired monthly income? *
Are you a team player or you prefer to working alone?
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