Ignite Creative Client Intake Form - Logo Design
Please complete the following intake form completely and accurately for your logo design project. The more detailed you are in this form, the better and more efficient we can be at designing your new logo. There may be items in the intake form that we have already covered on the phone or through email, so if there is anything you have already provided separately, please just note that in the form.
Email address *
What is the name of your business or organization as you want it displayed in your logo? *
Please double and triple check spelling. Whatever you put here we will use in the logo. Please note that this does not have to be a legal business name. For example, if your business is an LLC, you do not have to have the LLC in the logo. It is purely personal preference.
Is this a brand new logo, or a remodel of a current logo? *
If you have a tagline that you would like included in the logo, please put it below.
Please double and triple check spelling. Whatever you put here will be used in the logo.
Give us a brief description of your business or organization. *
This helps us get to know your business or organization a little better.
Do do you have some logos that you have seen that you like the look and design of? *
If you do, please email them to us: info@ignitecreativeco.com
Please list your color preferences for your new logo. *
This can be general colors (red, blue, green, ect) or it can be specific color codes if you prefer. If you have no preference, just note that below.
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