Charlotte Virtual School is a school of choice and offers a full‐time program for students in grades 6‐12. Full‐time CVS students are registered as public school students, take part in district and state testing, and have the opportunity to earn a standard High School diploma. In order to be a successful full‐time student with Charlotte Virtual School students should:

1) Have been successfully promoted to the next grade level at the end of the previous school year with a 2.0 GPA or better. For mid‐year entrance, student must have demonstrated success in first semester courses (grades of C or better)
2) Attain one of the following minimum scores on previous year standardized tests:
a) FSA Level 3 or higher
b) Grade level proficiency on an official standardized test administered by another state public school system
c) Homeschool students that have demonstrated a minimum grade level reading skill ( Must have a portfolio we can review, if needed)

*Accepted students must meet all of Charlotte County criteria as specified in the Charlotte County Public School Pupil Progression Plan in order to participate in our full‐time program. Such criteria includes meeting minimum FSA (or current state test) scores, course requirements, immunization, etc. Students who meet these requirements must submit a full time student application, must attend an orientation and first day face to face open lab.
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