Department of Statistics - Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Application

If you are interested in serving as a GSI for Summer 2019, Fall 2019 or Spring 2020, please complete the GSI application below by Friday, May 3, 2019. Assignments will begin soon after but applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. Please note we only offer 50% (20 hour/wk) positions for GSIs.

If you have not served as a GSI on the Berkeley campus before, please be sure to review Graduate Division's requirements before applying:

For questions, please contact me at or (510) 642-5361.

Thank you,
La Shana Porlaris
Graduate Student Services Advisor

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Please note that all students who do not speak English as a native language and who plan to teach for the first time as a GSI must complete the online Language Proficiency Screening Questionnaire:
Will you be holding any other academic appointments (i.e. GSI, GSR, etc.) next semester? *
Have you served as a GSI on the UC Berkeley campus before? *
First-time GSI's at Berkeley must attend the Teaching Conference for GSIs. For more information see:
List all prior UC Berkeley GSI experience (if applicable):
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List contact information for instructors of courses you have previously served as a GSI for so that we may contact them as a reference (if necessary):
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Have you completed Graduate Division's mandatory Professional Standards and Ethics Online Course? *
All first-time GSIs at UC Berkeley are required to take the course. This is a requirement of the Graduate Council’s Policy on Appointments and Mentoring of GSIs. Eve if you have already served as a GSI at UCB without having completed the training, we cannot hire you as a GSI until you have done so. For more information see
Have you completed a 300-level semester-long pedagogy seminar? *
All first-time GSIs must have completed or be enrolled in a 300-level semester long pedagogy seminar or teaching in the discipline offered by the department. For more info, see
Please check the semester(s) you would like to serve as a GSI for: *
In order of preference, please list the courses you would like to serve as a GSI for: *
Statistics Graduate Students are encouraged to list courses numbered 100 and above. To view courses being offered, please go here:
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List Statistics and Mathematics courses you have taken and/or relevant coursework and qualifications: *
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