FYSE 1577 Schools and Inequality: Library Workshop I
Hi! This is a brief scavenger hunt/exercise to introduce you to the various resources and services the library offers.

Use the library website and other provided links to help you: http://go.middlebury.edu/lib
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Hi! I'm Ryan Clement. I'm the Data Services Librarian, and *your* librarian for this FYSE.
About Me
Ryan Clement

As the Data Services Librarian, I provide general research and technology assistance to students, faculty, and staff at Middlebury, and specialized assistance to those working with data, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. I can help with projects involving finding, acquiring, managing, interpreting, analyzing, and visualizing data.

I also serve as the subject specialist in the library for the Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Sociology departments, and serve as Middlebury's Government Documents Coordinator.

I can help with questions about information at *any* stage in a project. Whether you are trying to hone in on a research question, acquire background information, find or use primary sources or data, or cite your evidence properly, I can help!
Please complete all of the steps in this Library Warm-Up exercise. By the time you click on the "Submit" button at the end, you'll know about some important library resources, and will have had a chance to use and ask questions about them.

You'll be working in pairs to complete the exercise, but should only submit *one* set of answers for your pair.

This exercise should take around 30 minutes, and will not be graded, but there will be opportunities for fabulous prizes for the first groups to finish.
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