Summer Translational Cardiovascular Science Institute (STCSI) Application
Application Deadline: March 1, 2019
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Please submit a copy of your undergraduate transcript to Jenna Sieber, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Staff Assistant. Student copies (unofficial transcripts) are acceptable.

Transcripts may be sent via email to:
Letters of Recommendation
Provide the names and email addresses of two individuals whom know you well and will submit a letter of recommendation.

One letter should be from your faculty sponsor, the other should be from a faculty member familiar with your research potential.

Please notify your references to send their letters of recommendation by e-mail to Jenna Sieber:
(two letters of recommendation are required)
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Sponsor Information
The student should inform the Faculty Sponsor that the STCSI office will contact the Sponsor and request in a letter of recommendation to include confirmation of the project, a student training plan for the research, how many undergraduates they have trained, and provide an assessment of the student applicant. In addition, the Faculty Sponsor will be asked to submit their curriculum vitae including available resources.

Note: Penn State faculty listed on the STCSI website will only be asked for a recommendation letter.
Supporting Documents
In addition to the undergraduate transcript and letters of recommendation, please supply the following:

(1) Personal Statement
• A one-page document describing any previous research and how the STCSI research experience is related to your future career plans
(1) Description of the proposed research project
• One-page

Supporting documents can be sent to Jenna Sieber:
Desired Research Advisors
List three Penn State Professors in our program whose research most interests you and whose group you would like to join for the summer.

Copy and paste the link below into a new browser window or tab to help you select professors while keeping this form window open.
First professor research choice
Second professor research choice
Third professor research choice
Explain why you have chosen these professors. What interests you about their research?
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What do you hope to gain from a summer research experience? How might the Summer research experience help you to attain your career goals? *
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Additional Information
Please provide any additional information regarding your personal or professional background.
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