Melange Books Read and Review Panel

Do you love books?
Do you love FREE books?
If you answered yes, you've come to the right place.

Melange Books, along with our imprints Satin Romance and Fire & Ice Young Adult Books, are opening a Read and Review Panel.

What does this mean for you?
By becoming a member of the panel you will receive FREE ebooks from Melange Books and/or its imprints in exchange for an honest review. There are a few more details, but in a nutshell, it's that simple!

How does this help Melange?
In a market as saturated as the ebook market is these days, it's hard for authors - especially debut authors - to get noticed. It is our hopes that your honest reviews and recommendations to friends, family and followers, will help these authors find a fan base and get their books noticed.


Q: What format are the ebooks available in?
A: We can send you the ebook as a PDF, EPUB, or Mobi. If you are unsure which format your e-reader uses just ask and we can help you figure it out. We will send the books to your email address, you will be responsible for getting the books to your device.

Q: Will everyone who signs up automatically get FREE books?
A: No. We have a limited number of spaces available on the read and review panel. If you sign up and a space is not available we will keep you on our wait list until a space opens up.

Q: I have my FREE book, now what?
A: Read it! As soon as you are able, within 4 weeks from the date the ebook is sent, you must leave a review on We ask that you also leave your review on Goodreads, B&N, and any other retailers you are willing to.

Q: I can't finish my book in the designated time (4 weeks) now what?
A: If you have a legitimate reason for not being able to complete the book, we will give you more time. Please let us know ahead of time that you will not be able to complete the book within the assigned time period. If this becomes a trend you will be removed from the panel and will no longer receive FREE ebooks.

Q: I received my FREE book and I hate it. Do I have to read it?
A: No. Not every book is suited for every reader. We understand that what Joe might love, Jack might hate. If you get a couple chapters into the book and know that you will not be able to leave it a favorable review (3 stars or more), we ask that you contact us and a replacement book will be sent. Please delete the original book file.

Q: What do I have to include in my review? How long does it have to be?
A: We're not asking that you write an essay about the book, but we do ask that you write about what you liked and disliked about the book. A review that is only a few sentences long is not helpful to potential readers or the author, we want to entice more readers with your reviews, so we want them to contain substance. If your review is not acceptable we will give you a chance to re-write it so that it is acceptable. If it's still not acceptable we will have to remove you from the panel.

Q: I read the book and I loved it! Can I send it to my friend to read?
A: No. The books we send are for your eyes only. Any distribution on your part is piracy and if we catch you sharing the files we will terminate you from the program immediately. We have zero tolerance for piracy.

Q: I finished my book and posted my review. Now what?
A: Contact us, including a link to the review(s) and we will send you a new book to read!

Q: I want in. How do I sign up?
A: Answer the questions below as fully as possible and if a spot is open we will contact you with a welcome message and your first book to read and review.

Q: I'm a blogger and want to review some books, do I have to be a part of the review panel to do so?
A: No! Send a review request to with your name, blog name and link, and the book you would like to review. We are always happy to provide review copies to bloggers!
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