Planning the 2nd Annual Podcasters of Color Networking Event at #PM19
These discussions have ended. Please feel free to sign up if you want to be included in any further updates. Thank you!

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This year, Simplecast is partnering with Podcast Movement for the 2nd annual Podcasters of Color Networking Event. We want to hold discussions in January to begin a conversation around how this event can benefit such an amazing community of creators.

We will discuss what you want out of this networking event, this conference, and more generally, how can our industry work toward not falling into the same traps video and other content mediums have before with underserving creators of color. There might be some time for talking about what speaking ideas you are thinking about submitting, some goals you’re working toward this year, and how we all can support one another.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in these conversations. We will send an email out to all interested individuals with several dates and times for when these discussions will be held.

Thank you!

Dane Cardiel
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