Failure Collective: The Application
It wouldn’t be a legit workshop if you didn’t have to apply.  And it’s true—you’re already accepted.  This application ensures you fail to the best of your ability, and that you know what you’re getting into and commit to it.  Application deadline is July 31. 

Important>> Do not overthink your answers.  Don’t even try to be comprehensive.  If you filled this application out every day of your life (heck, every hour of your life), the answers would change!  Maybe shoot for a 10 minute max time limit and 50% energy expenditure.
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Your name is… *
Other personal information you want to share?  Things like where you’re coming from, pronouns, your favorite memory, accessibility needs...
What on earth is compelling to you about attending the Failure Collective? *
What are one or two things you could imagine doing in a workshop devoted to failure?  Be specific here.  Because OF COURSE we are going to fail at stuff—that’s not allowed as an answer. *
What are your areas/s of expertise?  Consider this question as broadly and irreverently as you like. *
What are one or two things you’d like to learn about/learn to do only under the circumstance that you would NEVER need to become proficient or good at them?  *
If you could be in charge of leading a class about ANYTHING in a workshop devoted to failure, what would you do? *
What is something you love doing with other people that you don’t get to do enough?  Or, what do you wish you could do with other people that you don’t get to do at all? *
There are a few basic parameters that you should know.  They might inform your participation.  They are: 

1. Everyone is already accepted, but you still have to apply.

2. All ages.  If you're over 18 and under 118, you're in!

3. Any discipline, any medium, any area of expertise welcome: science to making coffee to making lists to making art; novice, amateur, and/or "expert."

4. No fees to come, but you’ll have to get yourself here and pay for your own lodging if you're from out of town.  Everyone might have to pay a little money toward supplies.  

5.  This is an old school kind of gig.  No cell phones, no emails in the middle of activities, no half days or custom schedules.  

6.  No expert attitudes allowed!  No sabotaging failure by coming to a failure workshop and then pulling rank or getting judgey.  (I know we all have an inner Superiority Sammy or Expert Elaine, so I’m planning a workshop for them in 2028!!)

7.  Put on your best particiPANTS.  No fair signing up for a collaborative workshop and then not playing with others.  You’re welcome to gripe about what we’re doing and you are welcome to have big feelings—you just still have to do whatever it is you’re complaining about.  :-)

If you decide to come, can you honor the rules and commit to failure? *
Something nagging you? This is the space to type anything else you need to share before you hit DONE!
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