Children's Understanding of Whispering as a Cue for Shared Information
Children’s Understanding of Whispering as a Cue for Shared Information
Consent for a Minor to Participate in a Research Study

Principal Researcher: Christina Barnes -
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Douglas Behrend -

The WordPlay Lab at the University of Arkansas invites your child to participate in research on children’s
understanding of how information is shared through whispering! Children who participate will be asked a series of questions regarding their understanding of whispering then will watch animations and be asked some simple questions about what they've watched and heard. Children who participate will receive a gift for their time. This research will take approximately 10 minutes.
Your child’s participation is voluntary.

Please consider the attached information carefully. If you permit your child to participate, you will be asked to
sign this form and will receive a copy of the form. We must also have your child’s assent to participate in this


What is the purpose of this research study?
The purpose of this research is to evaluate children’s understanding of whispering and how it pertains to
sharing information. Study 1 will evaluate whether or not children can identify a whisper and whether they can
distinguish whispered speech from non-whispered speech. The goal of this study is to ascertain whether and
how children’s ability to identify whispered speech changes with age. The second study will examine the degree to which children expect whispered information to be shared compared with information that is spoken in a normal register. The purpose of this study is to determine if and at what age children use whispering as a cue for whether or not information is more or less likely to be shared.

What will your child be asked to do?
Your child’s participation will require the following:
Listening to audio and watching videos presented on a laptop computer
Answering simple questions about the audio/videos
Making decisions based on their own understanding of what they have seen and heard

What are the possible risks or discomforts?
To the best of our knowledge, your child will not be exposed to more than minimal risk or discomfort. A child
may find personal discomfort if they are unfamiliar with question-answer scenarios but both you and your child are welcome to end the study at any point with no consequences.

What are the possible benefits to your child if he/she participates in this study?
Your child will likely enjoy the video animations they will watch and will receive a small gift for their

How long will the study last?
This research is a single session and will take approximately 10 minutes in total.

Will your child receive compensation for time and inconvenience if you choose to allow him/her to participate
in this study?
Your child will receive a prize for his/her participation. This is typically a sticker or other similar gift.

Will you or your child have to pay for anything?
No. There is no cost associated with this research.

What are the options if I do not want my child to be in the study?
Both you and your child have the right to withdraw participation in the study. If your child decides to participate and then changes his/her mind, your child may quit participating at any time. There is no penalty for ending the study and your child will not be punished or discriminated against in any way if you refuse to allow participation or if your child chooses not to participate.

How will my child’s confidentiality be protected?
All information will be kept confidential to the extent allowed by applicable State and Federal law and
University policy. Physical files will be kept in a locked filing cabinet and electronic files will be kept on a
password protected server.

Will my child and/or I know the results of the study?
At the conclusion of the study you will have the right to request feedback about the results. You may contact the faculty advisor, Doug Behrend ( or Principal Researcher, Christina Barnes ( You will receive a copy of this form for your files.

What do I do if I have questions about the research study?
You have the right to contact the Principal Researcher or Faculty Advisor as listed below for any concerns that you may have.

Douglas Behrend, Ph.D., Professor
University of Arkansas
Department of Psychological Science
216 Memorial Hall
Fayetteville, AR 72701-1201

Christina Barnes B.S., Graduate Student
University of Arkansas
Department of Psychological Science
316F Memorial Hall

You may also contact the University of Arkansas Research Compliance office listed below if you have
questions about your rights as a participant, or to discuss any concerns about, or problems with the research.

Ro Windwalker, CIP
Institutional Review Board Coordinator
Research Compliance
University of Arkansas
109 MLKG Building
Fayetteville, AR 72701-1201
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