Big Garden New Partner Application 2019

Thank you for your interest in partnering with The Big Garden. This is the application for all new partnerships for the 2019 growing season. The Big Garden provides garden design and installation as well as educational programming to qualifying schools, organizations, and faith communities. Please note that each year we have a limited number of new partners we can take on. If you are not selected this year please do consider applying again!


The Big Garden began in 2005 as a program of United Methodist Ministries. The Big Garden's mission is to cultivate food security by developing community gardens, creating opportunities to serve, and providing education on issues related to hunger. The Big Garden provides support to our partners through various programs and educational opportunities.

At The Big Garden, we grow healthy food, healthy kids, and healthy communities.

Application Deadline

Applications are due no later than January 15th, 2019. Applicants will be notified by February 1st, 2019.

Happy Growing!
The Big Garden Team

What opportunities to partner with us are you interested in? The following opportunities are free to partnering schools, organizations, and faith communities based on our capacity and funding. Please check all that apply.
The following questions will help us understand more about your organization, school or faith community.
Please list the name and address of your organization, school or faith community
Please list the contact person and contact information for your organization, school or faith community
Why are you interested in starting a school or community garden with The Big Garden?
How will a school or community garden contribute to the mission of your organization, school, or faith community?
Location of the proposed garden site (or current garden if you already have one)
Do you have permission to use the site? Is the site owned by your organization, school or faith community?
Who will utilize the garden? (Children/youth, adults, faith community members, neighbors, clients, etc.) Please describe in detail.
Does your organization, school or faith community have groups, clubs or programs that would regularly utilize the garden? If so, please list.
What other organizations, schools or faith communities operate within a ten block radius of the garden? Please list (this does not have to be comprehensive, but proximity matters greatly and this can get you thinking about partnerships that aren't always apparent).
How will you include neighbors and/or other community members in the garden?
Who will eat and use the produce from the garden?
How will participants receive the produce? (i.e. pick it themselves, have it delivered, food pantry, used in the cafeteria)
How can you utilize the garden to increase access to fresh, healthy foods for those who may not have access?
What expenses do you expect to incur starting the garden? Please attach a projected budget if possible.
How will you go about insuring the garden's financial sustainability in the future?
Please list the approximate number of participants in your organization, school, or faith community.
Do your participants access any of the following programs?
If you are a school what percent of your students are low income?
The following questions are basic resource and site considerations if you are applying for a new garden installation or support for an existing garden.
Is the land relatively level? If no, please describe the terrain or grade.
Does the land where you would like the garden receive full sun (at least 8 hours)? Are there elements blocking the South side of the garden? Please note most edible plants require full sun.
Do you plan to grow in the ground or build raised beds?
If planning on gardening in the ground has the soil been tested? If not, this is a requirement for partnership with us.
Do soil amendments need to be made?
How is the water drainage at the site of the garden?
Do you have a large number of trees or land clearing concerns?
Is there a water source at your location near the garden? Where is it located (approximately how many feet)? If no, what is your plan for getting water to the garden?
Is there an indoor space for gatherings or classes at or near the garden site?
Is there a lockable tool storage space?
Is there space for outdoor composting?
Please attach a rough map of the potential garden site. If you already have a garden please sketch the additions or improvements you would like to the site. You can upload your map here as a PDF (preferred!) OR email your files to **As a tip using Google Maps makes this process really easy.
Thank you for your interest in partnering with us!
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