Capoeira Martial Arts - Summer Camp - 2021
Welcome and thank you for your interest in our 2021 Capoeira Summer of FUN Camp! We have a full summer of fun, excitement, & enrichment in store for your child! Your child will be having a blast learning Capoeira and important life skills specifically designed to transform your child into a confident, focused, and motivated teen, and so much more!
Capoeira is the Brazilian martial art that merges self-defense with acrobatics, music, & dance. Summer camp days are full of excitement where campers learn and are trained in the different aspects Capoeira has to offer all throughout the day. In addition to learning Capoeira, each day is supplemented with tons of different games, activities, which coincide with the theme of the week, to give your child a complete summer vacation. By the end of summer, your child will be more fit, focused, self-controlled, accountable, kinder, and more confident!

Our innovative approach to Summer Camp is a combination of the following three core activities:

1. An all-encompassing Capoeira Martial art and fitness program (Capoeira combines fitness, music, self-defense, acrobatics, language, dance, culture, history, community activities, performance, powerful life skills)

2. Online University and in-person Life Skills curriculum centered on actionable and educational content to develop powerful thinking, growth & benefit mindset, and important life skills. We believe that happiness and success depend on these important skills and are not regularly.

3. Having Fun! Our innovative approach to learning is fun and your child is sure to have a blast while learning these important life skills that will lead them to live even happier lives.

Capoeira Activities:
• Capoeira movements & self-defense
• Anti-bullying & confidence building activities
• Acrobatics: floor and trampoline
• Capoeira Music: learn how to play three different instruments and songs in Portuguese
• Capoeira history & cultural activities
• Capoeira performance training
• Maculele

Additional Activities:
o Daily scholastic activities to keep the mind sharp (reading, writing, math, creative & critical thinking)
o Portuguese lessons
o Yoga
o Art & gardening projects
o Healthy Living Program: nutrition, exercises, mind-body-soul health
o The Ultimate Achiever - Online Life Skills University lessons
o Journaling and group growth discussion
o Guest speakers & seminars (CPR training, firefighter)
o On-site field trips (extracurricular activities such as soap making, water slides, laser tag, art class, and more)


Camp Ages: Ages 4 - 13 (high school students may apply within for leadership opportunities)

Camp Dates: Weekly Sessions from June 1st – August 6th (no camp, Monday, July 5th)

Camp Hours: 9:30am – 3:30pm
o FREE early drop off starting at 7:30am & FREE late pickup until 6:15pm
o Half Day: (9:30am – 12:30pm) or (12:30pm – 3:30pm)

Camp Fees:
**EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - available first 20 campers registered only: $149/wk
1. Regular Weekly Rate: $169/wk
2. Daily Rate: $50/day or $90 for 2 days Or $130 for 3 days
3. Half-Day Rate: Weekly - $119 Half Day Rate: Daily - $40 for 1 day / $70 for 2 days / $105 for 3 days
4. Sibling Discount: $10 discount off weekly rate only (only valid on regular weekly rate - excludes early bird)
5. Onsite Fieldtrip/Weekly Extracurricular Experience: $12 per week
6. Registration Fee:
a. New campers (registering for more than 2 weeks): $75 includes uniform pants & 2 camp t-shirts
b. New campers (registering for 2 weeks or less): $35 includes 2 camp t-shirts
b. Current students / returning campers: $25/child includes a camp t-shirt

How Do I Enroll?
1. Completely fill out this online registration form.
2. Save your child’s spot by paying the registration fee, which includes your child’s camp attire and a $10 deposit per each week registered, which will be credited toward weekly camp payments if tuition is not paid in advance. (A CBP staff member will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your camp registration and answer any questions you might have!)
Watch this short video and see what our camp is all about!
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