TCP's ART FORCE at The Academy - General Survey
Your participation in this survey will be crucial in helping our team and future funders better understand you and your needs as a contributing member of Atlanta's creative economy. The information gathered here will help us make the case for spacial affordability.

Please note ALL personal data will remain confidential and all data will only be used as part of the research and development for this project.

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3. What is your age? *
4. What is your ethnicity? *
5. What is your highest education level? *
6. What is your current annual income? *
7. Are you currently employed in the arts?
8. What is your job title?
9. What percentage of your income comes from art? *
10. Where do you currently work? *
11. Where do you currently reside? *
12. What is your zip code? *
13. Have you ever been a resident of the Adair Park neighborhood, or are you currently or in the past? *
14. What type of creative are you? (photographer, painter, dancer, filmmaker, writer, musician ...)
15. What statement best describes your creative output? *
16. Describe the materials you use in your work. *
17. What are your primary goals as an artist? *
18. On a scale of 1 to 5, how much of a factor is housing affordability for you in achieving your goals? *
19. How can a development like the Academy help you to achieve your goals? *
20. What is your greater need as an artist in Atlanta, affordable housing or workspace? *
21. What type of space do you currently rent? *
22. How much rent do you currently pay for housing? *
23. How much rent do you currently pay for workspace? *
24. Which statements best describes your current work space? *
25. Which statements best describes your current works space setup? *
26. Please select the types of ART FORCE spaces you are interested in renting? *
27. What are your reasons for being uninterested in renting ART FORCE space at?
28. What is your minimum square footage preference for a micro- housing unit *
29. What is your minimum square footage preference for studio or work space? *
30. What is your maximum rental budget to pay for a separate studio or work space? *
31. What is your maximum rental budget to meet your combined housing and work space needs? *
32. On a scale of 1 to 5, how important is it for your home to be near your work space?
33. What features does your work space have to have in order for you to produce your art? (ie; natural light, ventilation, sound proofing, high ceilings, sink etc.) *
34. What type of shared common area amenities would you like to see at the Academy? (ex, coffee shop, gym, meeting room, outdoor lounge, gallery)
35. Do you belong to any local art groups (formal or informal)? *
37. Do you currently feel supported by these groups and/or Atlanta's arts community at large? *
If you answered NO, in what ways could these eneties better support you? *
37. If you lived in an artist housing development, would you want to be involved in the community it’s located in? *
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