Educ 308 CSS Spring 2016 student info
Please fill out quick info sheet before our first seminar. Your PRIVATE information (such as phone number) will be made available to other students in our seminar on a password-protected page, to help us communicate with one another between class sessions. - Jack
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Last name? *
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Google username
Required for some class assignments. Create a new account for this class if you wish. It must include, at minimum, your first name or initials.
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Each student needs to bring a laptop to each class, or contact me about borrowing one.
On our public class website, I need to identify students who are responsible for specific assignments, and I normally do this by first names.
Example: Week 3 discussion leader (Jasmine)
Sometimes I take photos of students working on class projects to share on the public web.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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