Help Scripps Drop Sodexo!
As one of the largest food service and facilities management corporations, Sodexo is contracted by institutions such as prisons, schools and universities, assisted-living facilities, hospitals, government agencies, military bases, as well as Scripps College. It is infamous for it host of civil rights abuses, exploitative labor policies, anti-unionism, substandard food quality, ties to the big food industry, violations of food safety, environmental destruction, racial discrimination, major class action lawsuits, and ownership of over 120 private prisons across the world.

Time and time again, despite being asked to terminate the college’s contract with Sodexo, Scripps President Lara Tiedens and the rest of the Scripps administration has prioritized profit over Scripps’ own values. In 2020, Sodexo’s contract with Scripps will end. As a 5C community, we demand that future Scripps College contracts are based on ethical business standards and uphold Scripps’ community values. Furthermore, we demand the college to not renew the contract with Sodexo or begin one with similar corporations, such as Aramark and Compass. We demand that Scripps College prioritizes people over profit.

Sign this petition, and show the administration that we will not stand by and allow any future contracts that result in the sacrifice of worker rights and a disregard to our community values.

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