Nootana Devalaya Nirmanam - Signup Sheet for Grand Opening Ceremony(Oct 17th 2019 thru Oct 20th)
***Devotees who have donated/pledged already towards the temple since inception will be receiving a separate communication from the temple management ***

All devotees are welcome to donate towards the Nootana Devalaya Niramnam and become a sponsor for this Grand event.

There are different sponsor categories listed below with full details contained on a document, which is accessible through the provided link.

All these donations can be fully tax-deductible (please consult your tax adviser) . Please visit for more details on these donations.

You can make the payments at the temple on the day of the event or by contacting someone in the temple management. Payments can be made by Credit cards/debit cards/cash/checks.


1. Donors will have 3 years (any tier* they select starting from $2500 and up) to donate the pledged amount. Once 50% or more of your pledge is fulfilled, you can get Sankalpam and participate/recognized during the phase-1 temple grand opening ceremony event along with associated Tier* benefits.

2. It is very important for each sponsor to provide us with Gotram/Nakshatram for you and your family members on this form, so that it will be very convenient for our priests to do the sankalpam, especially when we have lots of devotees attending this grand opening ceremony.

3. All your donations from this signup will be used towards the new temple construction.

4. For any questions or concerns, please contact Geetha Tummala at 614-592-3276 or send your email to:
Become a Sponsor for the Nootana Devalaya Nirmanam and participate in our Grand opening Ceremony of the phase-1 temple (Thursday Oct 17th 2019 through Sunday Oct 20th)
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