OrlandoFox Commission Form - Colored Sketches
(PLEASE HAVE THIS FORM COMPLETELY/APPROPRIATELY FILLED OUT!! If you can NOT actually give me full details of what you'd like, any references I would need, etc, then please do NOT hit submit on a form!)

My Terms of Service/general commission info can be found here!


Commission Statuses - https://trello.com/b/BAILXBq2/commission-queue-list-orlandofox
Email address *
What is your name?/How do you want to be referred? *
Doesn't have to be your actual name; can be character or otherwise!
How would you like to pay? *
What payment transaction service would you want me to use to send you an invoice through?
Email? Cashtag? PayPal address? *
Some folks have their PP different from their regular email. Depending on your payment option selected above, please provide appropriate info needed to effectively send an invoice here! Even if it's the same, please type it down here too. :) [NOTE: Paypal addresses are in the form of actual email addresses-- specifically, whichever one is connected to your Paypal account. This can be found in your settings. Paypal.me links and actual addresses are NOT proper Paypal addresses. Thank you!]
What type? *
PAC = "Per additional character". First price signifies a first/single character.
How many characters? *
How many characters I am going to be expected to draw!
If left blank, it will count as a 'no'.
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Is it of mature rating? *
If nothing is marked, it is automatically deemed as a 'no' (unless your commission idea implies otherwise, of course).
Your Reference Sheet! *
Please provide a VISUAL reference below, through a LINK, like from Imgur or Dropbox, or any other similar image hosting site. Would appreciate if all necessary references were shown here, as opposed to attempting to "email later" or through Twitter. It helps me to have everything in one place.
Now to the nitty-gritty; what specifically would you like? *
Let me know the details of what you had in mind! Expressions, actions, all the good stuff! PLEASE be as descriptive as you can. The more I know/am offered right off the bat, the fasted I can try and respond back to you!
Would you like this to remain private?
While I don't normally post my own commissions on Twitter (I am just fine with retweeting if you choose to!), I do like to update my website gallery on sparse occasions for updated examples of my (SFW) work. If you'd prefer that I not post for one reason or another, simply mark "Yes" and I will keep things hush-hush!
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