GameBender Beta Participant Survey
Thank you for your interest in participating in this first GameBender beta test.  We are excited that you want to help us build something amazing!

The following questions will help us create a community of beta testers.  We are a very small team so we will be running tests in multiple rounds to make sure that we can provide a positive experience for all of our testers.

We will let you know in the next 2 weeks if you are selected for the first-round of tests.  If you are not, don't worry, we'll reach out to you again for the next round!
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The beta version of GameBender is an app that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers (not Chromebooks, iPads, or other tablets.)  Do you have computers available to run GameBender on? *
What context best describes how you would use GameBender? *
What grade range(s) of kids do you work with? *
What language(s) do you use in your classroom? *
How would you rate your own expertise with Scratch? *
Complete beginner
How would you rate your students level of expertise with Scratch? *
Complete Beginner
In the month of March, how many hours/week do you think you can spend looking at GameBender on your own? *
In the month of March, how many hours/week do you think you can spend using GameBender with youth? *
We want to encourage our beta testing cohort to share  and discuss their experiences with GameBender and our activity guides with each other.  What platform would you prefer to use for this kind of discussion? *
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