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"It is important for the workforce of the Buckeye Hills region to have the skills necessary to participate and succeed in the 21st century workforce." *
"It is important to ensure the Buckeye Hills region has utility infrastructure that can meet current needs and scale to meet future needs." *
"It is important to diversity the local economy to mitigate impacts from external threats." *
"It is important to assist residents in capitalizing on meaningful career opportunities within the Buckeye Hills region." *
"It is important for Buckeye Hills to serve as a resource to local communities as they face quality of life challenges." *
Indicate Whether You Agree or Disagree With the Following Statements:
The Buckeye Hills Region has Above Average Educational Resources.
Educational resources include colleges and universities, career centers, and technical training facilities.
The manufacturing industry is important to the regional economy.
Natural resource extraction and energy production is important to the regional economy.
Natural resource extraction includes mining and oil/gas activities, among others.
Employers are easily able to find skilled workers for employment in the Buckeye Hills region.
The Buckeye Hills region needs additional retail and food service establishments.
The amount and quality of residential housing in the Buckeye Hills region is sufficient.
The growing oil and gas industry is an asset to the Buckeye Hills regional economy.
I am aware of how external forces (eg international oil prices) affect local businesses.
I am concerned about the possibility of natural disasters impacting my home or business.
I am concerned about the impact of the retiring 'baby boomer' generation on the local economy.
Other Concerns
Are there other issues or concerns you would like to make known to the planning staff at Buckeye Hills? If so please comment below.
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