FaMESHed X. Designer Application.
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About FaMESHed X:
FaMESHed X is a bi-monthly Adult event coming every February, April, June, August, October and December. It will hold the same principals as our FaMESHed event, but this will be dedicated to everything adult. We open on the 10th on those corresponding months.

We are looking to bring in Designers to this event, if you specialize in Adult content or want to participate and able to create mesh for the Adults, then please apply today.

Rules of FaMESHed X:

1. All items have to be 100% original mesh. The event is a mesh based event only. Any items that are found to be used from third party engines such as Turbosquid, Rendorisity, Shapeways, or CG Trader etc, you will find that you will be removed from the event, and will not be allowed back. We pride ourselves on showcasing original mesh content, and that is what makes our event unique. No template mesh is allowed either. It has to be your creation.

We always keep an eye out on all of these sites, as well as Marketplace for any full perm mesh. This will not be tolerated. It is unfair to all other Designers who work hard on their items, and it is also against the rules of these sites, and Linden Labs. We protect our Designers at our event.

2. All items are to be new, and cannot be resold at your store or Marketplace until after the current round of those items is finished. Once that round is finished, you are free to do whatever you wish with those items.

3. Re-textured items are only allowed as long as there are other new items to go along with it, and it is an exclusive colour to the event. However, this cannot be used for each round you participate in. This is for rare occasions only.
4. The type of items not allowed at this event: Appliers, skins, tattoos, poses (only animations used in items are allowed), . Only components that will work with heads, bodies, hands or feet is allowed, i.e. clothing/hair/shoes etc.

5. We will be regulating the number of items sold at FaMESHed X, and will be placed into categories e.g. there will be a certain number of Hair, Accessories, Male Fashion, Female Fashion, Unisex Fashion, Shoes and Home & Garden. We do not want to overcrowd the event, and we want to make sure that there is equal exposure of each category.

6. This is a no discount event, group member discount for your VIPs is allowed but the item itself cannot be discounted for regular shoppers. We believe you work very hard for your items, and should be rewarded for the quality designs you create. Our focus is on quality, new and exclusive original mesh.

7. We encourage strictly adult items, full on fetish/kink/x-rated items.

Thank you, and good luck.

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