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■Corner Description

① Futsuota (Ordinary Letter)
Feel free to send us your thoughts on the anime or the title, questions or messages to the personalities and guests, and anything else you want to share!

② 【Help! Dark Schneider! 】
Send us any incidents or worries that you want to ask Dark Schneider for help, and he will give you a pep talk!
In the end, he will blow it away with "Fiern bomer blast of the Damned "!

③ 【Original Magic Spell】
A section for listeners to send in their original spell chanting ideas!
Think of a spell and a scene and when you would want to cast a spell and send it in!

④ 【Also known as...】
Dark Schneider has a nickname such as "The super beautiful hero!" or “An invincible demon!"
In this section, we are asking you to give the characters or cast of BASTARD!! a nickname just like Dark Schneider has.
We are waiting for cool...cute...interesting? nickname that you think of!

⑤ 【Chunibyo Dark History Inquiry Committee】
This is the section where we are looking for listeners' "dark history" or "chuunibyou behavior” (= embarrassing moment) that you did because you wanted people to think you were heretical!
We will judge at our own discretion whether it falls under the category of "dark history"!

(e.g.) Drew a magic circle on the playground and chanted "Morta Lucey" in admiration of Dark Schneider.

(e.g.) Pretended to be talking to the rabbits in the rabbit hutch as if Dark Schneider could understand Lars' language.

(e.g.) Winked at everyone I saw since I wanted to be seen sexy.

⑥【I want to get yelled at by Yoko!】
We are looking for people who want to get yelled at by Yoko!
Send us episodes ranging from unintentional confessions to little mistakes!

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