NYS/United Pools Sexual Harassment Prevention Training & Orientation 2022
In accordance with State Law and NYS/United Pools Policy, you must watch both Sexual Harassment Training videos provided below and complete the Interactive Activity, this form. It is illegal and you will not be able to work without watching the videos and completing this form.

Our complete Sexual Harassment Policy along with a complaint form can be found on our website nyspools.com under the current employee section. If you feel uncomfortable at any time while working for NYS/United Pools please contact a manager immediately.
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Welcome to the 2022 season!
Watch our intro video
Part 1
Answer the 4 questions that follow.
1.1- If you or another person is a victim of sexual harassment, which step should be taken. *
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1.2- The Harasser can be a *
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1.3- Where Can Workplace Sexual Harassment Occur? *
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1.4- Supervisors must report any harassment that they observe or know of, even if no one is objecting to the harassment. If a supervisor or manager receives a report of harassment, or is otherwise aware of harassment, it must be promptly reported to the employer, without exception, even if the supervisor or manager thinks the conduct is trivial. Even if the harassed individual asks that it not be reported to a manger, managers will be subject to discipline for failing to report suspected sexual harassment or otherwise knowingly allowing sexual harassment to continue. Supervisors and managers will also be subject to discipline for engaging in any retaliation. *
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Part 2
Sharon transfers to a new location with her employer. Her new supervisor, Paul, is friendly and helps her get familiar with her new job duties. After a few days, when no one else is around, Paul comes over to Sharon's work area to chat. Paul talks about what he did last night, which was to go to a strip club. Sharon is shocked that Paul would bring up such a topic in the workplace and says nothing in response. Paul continues talking and says that all the women in the office are so unattractive that he needs to get out and “see some hot chicks” once in a while. He tells Sharon he is glad she joined the staff because, unlike the others, she is “easy on the eyes.” Sharon feels very offended and demeaned that she and the other women in her workplace are being evaluated on their looks by their supervisor. Answer the 3 questions that follow after watching the Part 2 video.
2.1- Because Paul did not tell Sharon that she is unattractive, he has not harassed her. True or False? *
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2.2- By bringing up his visit to the strip club, Paul is engaging in inappropriate workplace behavior. True or False? *
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2.3- Paul should be instructed to stop making these types of comments, but this is not a serious matter. True or False? *
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