Appraiser Registration-Region 12

Each Team Must Provide an Appraiser for the Regional Tournament
The Appraiser will need to attend Appraiser Training on Saturday February 17, 2018
The Appraiser will be assigned to Challenge different than your Team's
As such, your Appraiser will be unable to see your team perform

This form must electronically submitted by January 6, 2018 for Regular Registration

This form may be filled-out by the Team Manager or the Team Appraiser. You should collect all the required data BEFORE working on this form. To see a list of the REQUIRED data, click here:
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Appraiser Email Address *
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I understand I must attend the Appraiser Training on Saturday, February 17, 2018, in order to appraise in this year’s tournament. If I’m representing a team, I understand that I will not be able to see that team perform.
I will be able to be a DI Appraiser on March 3, 2018. *
What is your Age Group? *
What is your T-Shirt Size *
If you are representing a specific Team, please enter the TEAM MANAGER name below. If you are an "at-large" Appraiser, enter "None"
What Team Are You Representing *
Enter the Team Manager's Name Below or enter "None" if you are unattached to a team
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What School Does He/She Represent *
Enter the School Name or enter "None" if you are unattached
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What Challenge Are They Performing *
If you have a close relative on a team, please enter below
Relative's Team
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What School Does He/She Attend
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What Challenge is He/She Performing
Please let us know what Previous DI Experience You Have and What Area you would like to be assigned to
Previous DI Experience *
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I Think I Would Work Best With *
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What Age Group Do You Work Best With *
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If Possible, I'd Like To Work With:
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I am interested in appraising at the State DI Tournament at Mt. Vernon OH, on March 24, 2018. *
In order to qualify, I understand that I must appraise at the Regional Tournament on March 3.
If you have any additional comments or concerns not covered above, please enter them here.
Comments or Concerns
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If you know of others interested in Appraising
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If you need to make any changes once submitted, please send an email to: and explain what changes need to be made
Please remember, if you are a Team Manager, this is form TWO of FOUR. You must complete the other forms to finalize your registration.
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