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Generation Unlimited – is a dynamic partnership that draws on the expertise of young people, representatives from governments, multilateral organizations, the private sector and civil society to inspire urgent investment in education, skills training, and empowerment for the rapidly growing global population of adolescents and young people (14-24) – which will reach 2 billion by 2030.

This Application Guide will lead you through the process of applying to Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge!. If it seems like a lot, don’t worry—we promise it’s way, way easier (and shorter!) than it looks. In fact, all of the questions are designed to help your team submit the best possible application, and we’ll even give you some tips along the way. During the Workshop, we’ll work together to create solutions to challenges around education and training, employment, entrepreneurship, equity and engagement but the most important step in creating a successful solution is to get a good understanding of the problem. This Guide will lead you through identifying and analyzing a problem faced by you and your peers.

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Getting Selected
Most importantly, we’re looking for teams who have thought hard about problems in their community, and who are really motivated to understand how those problems impact people and to work together to build solutions. We’re also looking for feasible problems (problems that, together, we can do something about with limited resources!) and impactful problems (problems that affect many people, or problems that affect a few people severely) and above all we’re looking for motivation and commitment (teams which will stick it out to till the end despite the setbacks). Keep this in mind and you’ll do great!
Need Some Help
We’re here for you. You can always reach out to us:

By Phone: Call or message us at Cell:+263775954054 and we’ll help you through the Application process
By Email: email us at or for guidance

About your information: We will only collect information from you if needed for the Youth Challenge. We will only use this information to contact you about the Challenge, and it will not be shared with any partners. You can find out more by contacting us (as above)

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Generation Unlimited Focus area (Please tell us about the problem you want to try and solve through the Youth Challenge. It should be something that is affecting you, your friends or family, or your community. Write a short paragraph about it. Generation Unlimited has these focus areas) *
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TELL THE STORY (Quick summary: Write one sentence that describes your project. A one sentence version of your story). *
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WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? As a team, tell us why you want to join the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge. *
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Description: What do you hope to achieve with your project? How would the world change if your project succeeds?
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SOLUTION : Give us an in-depth description of how your project or solution works.
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REPLICABILITY: The possibility of trying to reproduce your solution in other countries or regions
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SUSTAINABILITY: The ability of your idea to continue its mission far into the future.
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BUILD YOUR TEAM (List the names and information for each member of your team, a team is at least 3 people and no more than 5. We welcome members with disabilities of any and all kinds, there is a space at the end of this section for you to tell us how we can best support your members with disabilities). *
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NOTE! We welcome applications from young people with disabilities of any and all kinds. If a member of your team has a disability, please fill in the following: : Team member number or guardian: What accommodation would be helpful? For example: wheelchair access, documents in electronic format, documents in Braille, sign language service. Please tell us: *
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