Ready to Harvest !  
To harvest with us this season please complete this form and short survey. Your responses guide us to better serve the community, so please answer all that you can!

Please respond as soon as you can and expect followup in season to work out your date and time

General Info:
We schedule a number of harvest sessions in season.  
We'll have some weekend sessions, and if there is a need, some weekday sessions as well.

A limited number of slots are available for each session.

BEEKEEPERS: Slot assignments are made to keep the sessions balanced, so a fairly accurate reading of your readiness and number of frames is most helpful.

If your frames are not fully capped and you want to borrow a refractometer overnight to check your moisture content before we schedule you, that can usually be arranged.

BEE LOVEERS: These are real working harvest sessions: no spectators! But we welcome extra willing hands if there's room.  However, please do not plan on bringing children unless we have made special arrangements well ahead.

We will be using some new locations this year. Plan on spending four to five hours at least:
If you have access to a large commercial kitchen and would like to host a future harvest, please note that in your comments: We love to share the joy!

Normally, the first shift team is responsible for load-in and wash-in, and the second shift team is responsible for wash-out and load-out. But we may make some changes this year.

We ask each beekeeper to present us with 2 finished jars so we can showcase your product. We can offer help and advice on bottling, labeling and marketing if desired.

Questions or concerns? Please email the Organizer at   Thanks!
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We may do a group order if demand warrants. We'll confirm either way with slot assignments. Note: We've found that it's good to have both a plain bucket/lid and a separate bottling bucket with valve in your kit, along with a filter (600micron is adequate)..
How do you use your honey? *
Anything else you'd care to say about your hives or questions about harvesting??
Been Beekeeping Long?
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 We like to connect with and complement the work of others & welcome you to volunteer time & resources for NYC Beekeeping programs. Any other worthy causes you're involved with, or capabilities you'd enjoy sharing that you'd like to mention now?
Other questions,comments, concerns?
We'll elicit your views and concerns with other surveys now and then, but if you have something to add now, please do!.
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