Ethics Channel
Visagio provides to its clients, partners, suppliers and teams this channel to collect complaints regarding any acts that may affect the company ethical posture.

Being it illegal acts or behavioral deviation such as: frauds, money laundering, corruption, interest conflicts or any other irregular conduct; that involve Visagio Group companies in Brazil or abroad.

The complaint may be made anonimously or identified ensuring the individual's identity confidentiality, besides independency and impartiality in the treatment through the Ethics Committee.

In order for the occurrence to have a quicker processing, it should be the most detailed possible, including:
• fact description;

• where and how it happened or it's happening;

• who are the people or organizations involved;

• evidences, documents and/or other information that may be relevant for the case evaluation and taking of action.

In case you don't have all the information, the occurrence can be reported anyway.
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