I'd like $250K in business credit
Welcome. Gary here, the Credit Medic.

Our team focuses our efforts in a batch funding system. The current batch applicants are on their way to accessing up to $120K within 30-60 days and up to $250K within 9-12 months for their individual businesses.

If you would like to be considered for the next batch we build, please provide contact information below.

Just a note though - We won't spam, hard-sell, or frankly pursue you vigorously. Our system is proven and takes a lot of our time to build for clients. We are only seeking the truly interested that have use for our services and funding access.

Leave your information below. We will reach out to review your current needs, situation and eligibility for our programs.

The more details you provide about who you are, what you need and how quickly, the more we can assess our compatibilities. If you know one of our associates directly, make sure to comment.

We are looking for entrepreneurial types like ourselves that simply need a better cash and credit access system.

For the fastest funding, qualifications are as follows:

- You have a Social Security Number. Internationals here on visa may qualify, but a social security number is necessary to our process of establishing business credit and 0% introductory APR funding for your enterprise.
- 740 or higher personal credit scores currently reflecting on Equifax, Experian, Transunion, FICO.
- Less than 2 hard inquiries reporting currently on any recent credit report.
- You do not currently have a Sole Proprietorship
- You do not have a history of bankruptcy in any form.
- Your current credit utilization ratio is 30% or LESS.

If you have the above qualifications, we can help you get up to $120K within 30-60 days. If you have challenged credit or do not meet the above qualifications, we can help guide you toward repair companies or ways to resolve the issues.
We are not a credit repair agency. Our interest is to help entrepreneurial individuals access business credit and capital. We like working with people that can use the tool of capital and funding to turbo their dreams to reality.

Thank you!

Gary - The Credit Medic
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