HKMMAF Individual Membership Application
Personal Information Collection Statement

HKMMAF is a non-profit legal organisation. This Statement concerns HKMMAF's processing of personal information related to members for the purposes of membership selection, identity verification and collection of membership fees and contact with members.

1. Purpose of Collection
• As basis for selection for membership.
• Verifying your identity.
• Collection of membership fees.
• Facilitating communications between you and HKMMAF.

2. Category of Information Subject

• Membership.

3. Collection of Personal Information
• For the above purpose, HKMMAF may collect and process your personal information. The collection of some categories of information may be necessary, while that of the others may be based on the voluntary provision of the information subject.
• In the absence of your personal information, we may not process your application for membership or maintain contact with you.

4. Information Recipients 
May Include:
• HKMMAF to be informed in accordance with legal provisions or charters.
• Bank through which membership fees are paid.
• Insurance companies with which insurance contracts are established.

5. Rights of the Information Subject 

• Information subjects are entitled by the law to the right of access and the right of rectification. When exercising the right of access, they can apply to HKMMAF in writing and may need to pay a reasonable fee.
• Please contact the HKMMAF administration team at for any enquiry.

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