Stagecoach Property Owners Membership Survey
SPOA is interested in gathering opinions from the membership on several issues pertinent to the Stagecoach community. The Board Members will consider the opinions provided by the membership. Enactment of any new rules or regulations could require 3+ months to 2+ years. Any new regulations will be published for input to the membership prior to being adopted.
How many lots in Stagecoach do you own? *
Currently, the Stagecoach covenants state that the homes must have a minimum square footage of 1,000 square feet. Would you be in favor of amending the covenants to allow a 500 square foot minimum in certain neighborhoods in the southern subdivisions?
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Do you have any comments about why you are or are not in favor of amending the minimum required square footage?
Would you support an effort to plan for the future development of a Community Center in Stagecoach? This community center would potentially include the ability to host fitness and community oriented programs, childcare, meeting rooms, etc. The costs for land and building development would be paid for by SPOA membership dues.
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Please provide any additional comments on the Community Center here.
Should motorized vehicles be prohibited on SPOA common areas? Common areas include current and future recreational trails and trail access points. Motorized vehicles include motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles.
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The Board believes it would be helpful to define what constitutes a “failure to maintain” as that phrase relates to the storage of items upon the Lot. This refers only to non-temporary storage of items outside of enclosed structures, such that the items are visible from a street or adjacent property. Do you believe that the storage of inoperable or unlicensed motor vehicles, building materials, truck accessories, fencing materials, or construction equipment constitutes a “failure to maintain” a lot in Stagecoach?
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