Event Report Form
In order for your funding to be transferred, this report must be submitted within one week of your event. If we do not receive it by this time, we reserve the right to withdraw funding for your event. Please upload copies of all receipts and keep the originals in case you need to submit them to your financial advisor.

-General Instructions-
1) Fill out all questions fully and insightfully.
2) Gather the receipts and invoices, including those that were not approved
3) Make and upload photocopies of receipts and invoices for all expenditures, including those that were not approved by SPEC.
4) Write page numbers on each photocopy. For each expense, note the page number of the photocopy on the receipt.
5) For each Expense Listing box, write the amount(s) of funding approved by SPEC for the category.
6) List each expense for your event under the applicable category. Include a description of the expenditure, the invoice/receipt date, and the amount. (Subtract sales tax from the amount, since University policy prohibits reimbursement of sales tax).
7) List all expenses not approved by SPEC in the final Expense Listing box.
Subtract approved expenses from the amount of funding approved and write the remainder in the indicated space. Only the appropriately spent money will be reimbursed.

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