HunterX Staff Application
We aim to find trustworthy, talented, and mature staff on our server network. We are seeking Moderators, System Administrators, Developers, Builders. The servers we have active at this time is SkyBlock, Survival & Prison. At this time our staff slots are unpaid but will turn into paided roles once the server grows.

*For the written questions, bonus points/extra consideration would be granted for applicants who going past the required word count.

*Applications that do not reach the minimum word count are instantly disqualified.
IGN. *
Full Name. *
TimeZone. *
Location. *
Contact - Discord Or Email *
Server Applying For *
Position (you may apply to more than one) *
How many hours could you dedicate per week? *
Experience in the role your applying for? *
What makes you the person for this role? (at least 200 words or more) *
When joining a new server what are you looking for to stay on and keep returning? (at least 100 words or more) *
Knowing the role could be a paid role in the future, what will you do to help the server grow and get the players online (at least 150 words) *
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