Deafness: Genetics and Cochlear Implantation
Thank you for taking part in this research that I am conducting for my undergraduate anthropological dissertation.

This survey consists of a series of multiple choice and short and long answer questions. This should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

I have attached my contact details if, after completing the survey, you would like to request a summary of my findings.

Aims of research project survey:
- To gather perspectives on:
a. the role and perceived consequences of genetic testing and diagnosis for congenital deafness;
b. the capacity of reproductive technology to guarantee/select deaf/hearing offspring;
c. the social impact of cochlear implants in the ‘hearing’ and ‘deaf’ worlds;
d. the perceived advantages and disadvantages of cochlear implantation

All participants' data will be anonymised and any identifying information will kept confidential. The results will be used for an academic piece of work. No information will be passed on to third-parties.

You are free to withdraw from the study:
- at any time
- without having to give a reason for withdrawing

If you are affected by any of the questions regarding deafness, cochlear implantation and genetics, please refer to the following organisation - Samaritans:
Phone helpline - 116 123
Email -
Next Generation Text service (NTG) - Contact by using your local Samaritans branch telephone number. Find your branch here:

If you have any concerns about the ethics of this project, you may wish to contact my supervisor, Professor Jane Macnaughton, via

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