Haslemere Community Rugby Club Junior Enrolment 2019/20
Welcome to the new season at Haslemere Rugby!

Please use this form at the beginning of every season to assist us with entering & updating your details on our system. All of this data is held under our Data Protection Policy:

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Junior Membership Information
Please read the Membership Information Sheet here: https://www.haslemererugby.co.uk/a/become-a-member-35141.html?page=2

Junior U7-U18 (first child) - £130
Junior U7-U18 (additional children) - £65
Junior U6 (no shirt) - £65
U5 Micros... Pay per session

Subscriptions cover approx 30 training/match sessions per season.

We will contact you in due course with the amount due to the Club.
Please note that we are entirely run by volunteers!

Therefore all parents of Junior Members will be expected to help out at some time during the year, be it helping with catering or car parking for one morning.

If you would like to become more involved there are various other areas where help is always needed - please contact the Head Coach or Team Admin.
Child Welfare
Our principal concern at HCRC is the welfare of all young members participating in Club activities. We ask that all parents, whilst at the Club or spectating at Club events, act with a sense of responsibility towards the young players. This includes being positive and supportive rather than critical of players during matches (both Haslemere sides and opposition), and not pressurising a child to play if he or she does not wish to. We would also recommend a look at the RFU Core Values on http://www.englandrugby.com/my-rugby/players/core-values/. In particular please be helpful by supporting our reputation of being a friendly and welcoming club to the opposition clubs visiting, and also bearing in mind that the referees are also volunteers, and they are the sole arbiters of law and fact on the pitch.

Parents should also ensure that their child is appropriately dressed for the weather conditions. This is particularly important in very cold weather when woolly hats, gloves, training tops and trousers should be worn in addition to basic rugby kit.

Please refer to the Safeguarding And Welfare section on our website: http://www.haslemererugby.co.uk/a/safeguarding-and-welfare-48121.html
Concussion Awareness
It is extremely important that parents and players learn the signs and symptoms of concussion. Please take time to read the following guide: http://www.englandrugby.com/my-rugby/players/player-health/concussion-headcase/players-and-parents/

And also take 10 minutes to step through this presentation: http://www.englandrugby.com/medical/concussion-awareness/teachers/
RFU Registration & Player Insurance
If your child has not yet been registered with the RFU (this only needs to be done once), then please register your child online by visiting the following link and signing up:


All players once registered with the RFU are covered by their basic insurance; follow this link for details about the insurance offered: http://englandrugbyinsurance.co.uk/
Haslemere Rugby Code of Conduct
Please take the time to read the following document:

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