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Tennis2Be are a London based charity striving for equality in tennis. We use tennis as a vehicle to encourage mindset, social and lifestyle change, whilst making tennis inclusive and accessible to children, disabled players, young people, adults and the wider community.

We are offering: FREE
1) CALLS - to vulnerable, anxious , uncertain and those who are depressed during this period
(We currently have 4 professional volunteers in place. The service is a free 15 minute call and is aimed at females and takes place every Monday 9-11am. The groups being mothers and female head of club organisation although we will not turn anyone away.)
2) FOOD DELIVERY - (pre ordered) collection and delivery from shops
3) PRESCRIPTIONS / MEDICAL SUPPLIES - (pre ordered) collection and delivery from chemist

All information will remain strictly confidential.
All you have to do at the end is:
a) to write a thank you letter to your volunteer or a short video on your phone
b) and write a genuine review about your experience on our social media sites in order to inform and help others.

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