The Free Nations Region Flag Showcase
All the flag descriptions are given below.
The Tyrannyicalist Flag is green to represent new birth of the nation in the sense that after a revolution from an empire the government was reborn. The eagle in the shield represents our want for freedom. The branches in the shield represent our wish for peace both internally and externally but our shield represents our willingness to protect both ourselves and our freedom if necessary
My love of skiing and the colour purple.
Valentine Z [GIF]
I know it doesn’t follow the vexillology guideline, since it’s already an animation, but the Valentians (the people in my nation) use it here and there as a promotional piece. This flag, or a video rather, represents the list of flags that the Valentians have went through over the years, going through many, many iterations and designs, but ultimately going back to the familiar green-and-pink.
Valentine Z
A flag for Samantha-Higgs, my dictatorship nation
Slaughter None
It is an mechanical wheel which is used to represent industrial workers on a red background following all the five rules of vexillology.
-Context: It originally was the flag of a socialist movement to bring equality and improve working conditions but after the overthrow of the previous corrupt government the party of the movement came into power and became even more corrupt and soon developed into an autocratic dictatorship that only cares about economic output and development in exchange for basic human rights and freedoms.
It represents the bright future of Narvatus via the rays that symbolise the sun, with the traditional Narvatusian anchor on yellow background in the center.

This flag was used in the Republic of Narvatus from its adoption in 1913 to the establishment of the Federation of Narvatus in 1932.
The constellation is named Corvus, which mean Raven(the national animal of Songaira)
Blue: water
White: purity/ harmony
This is my flag. The white symbol represents the peace and unity of every inhabitant of the nation, the purple band represents the country’s wealth, the dark blue background shows the Arabian Sea, and the lighter blue band is representative of the 1957 revolution which established the modern day Liruslaui People’s Republic.
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