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Privacy and Data protection

AmaZix Ltd is going to receive your email, other social media accounts, and some of other information like your ERC-20 wallet, from you and store them in a local database.

We will use your data only to send to you information regarding Rewards initiatives.

We will manage your participation to this campaign for you thanks to the consent you will confirm at the end of this statement (you can withdraw your consent any time).

You also confirm that we can publish a report with your Bitcointalk Account Name and Your Stake.

We are adopting all the needed technical measures to keep these data safe.

We will treat your data in respect of international laws for data Protection and Privacy (eg. GDPR) and therefore:
- We won’t use your email address for a different purpose
- We won’t sell your data to third parties
- Only the bitcointalk username and the stakes will be visible in the public report
- We will respect your data rights, so you can ask to update and delete you data anytime.
- In case of Data Breach the list management service will inform us and you as soon as possible
In case of Data breach we will inform you as soon as possible.

For any question concerning your data rights, please write to:

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