Spring Fashionista Giveaway Event Sign-Up
Spring Fashionista Giveaway Event - March 7-13, 2013

The next Fashionista Giveaway Event will be the March 7-13, 2013. As a blogger, you don't want to miss this event! Sign up now and get your place on the LINKY!
Host: Still Blonde after all these YEARS (Shelley Zurek http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com ) and Katy Rose of ModlyChic (http://www.modlychic.com), co-host Kristyn Kilcullen (http://www.ksquaredglamour.org/)

What can you expect as a blogger?
--Fall had 3/4 Million entries across the blog
--Sponsors who WANT to sponsor such a fun well attended event (Fall had 105+ participating blogs with prize packs ranging from $125--$4,000. Easy sell to sponsors) $26,000+ in prizes
--Entrant Grand Prize (Fall was a $1200 Louis Vuitton Red Bag)
--Blogger Participation prizes
--Blogger Promotion Prizes
--Event Lookbook ( Fall LOOKBOOK is here: http://issuu.com/stillblondeafteralltheseyears/docs/fall_2012_fashionista_giveaway_event_lookbook_10-3/1 Previous Spring Fashionsta Event's LOOKBOOK is here: http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2012/02/raritiesfine-jewelry-with-carol-brodie-spring-fashionista-events-lookbook-sponsor/ ) LookBook includes a free Giveaway that everyone gets to post on their blog and generates tons of traffic AND is a great way to announce your sponsors.
--Facebook group to handle all of your questions and occasionally promote group. (And a Document section for easy reference like: How do I pitch a sponsor? What's the best way to update my Facebook page? etc)
--PR Opportunties for Reviews and Giveways when available throughout the year (We will work to find PR opportunities for entire group, like the eShakti dress opportunity--We learned from this one!! )
--Group Pinterest Board (you may post your Fashionista Giveaway items as outlined)
--ALL EXTRAS ARE OPTIONAL (Lookbook, Lookbook Giveaway, Blogger promotion, and anything else we dream up), the only thing that is required in the posting of the giveaway with the required elements and joining the Facebook group and mailing list. PERIOD! You will be glad you did participate in the extras because they are great fun, but we will always let you know what is optional.
--EXTRA BIG BONUS--Getting to hang out with the Chief Blonde, Modly Chic and Ksquared Glamour (teehee)

Summary Requirements of YOU:
--Post an Event button in your final post (put one on your sidebar now..if you wish and link to the Signup info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGY5QjFqc0pkd3BhVXZsZmliVl9jOWc6MQ#gid=0), add a disclaimer to your final post, turn off your catpcha during event, prize package of $125+(this seems scary but we will help you), Join the Mandatory FB group, (http://www.facebook.com/groups/Stillblondeafteralltheseyears/), follow simple group policies, join Fashionista event newsletter (for group communication), post linky and sponsor info.
--Giveaway Prizes must be ALL Fashion, ONLY Fashion (fashion is clothes, shoes, hair accessories, socks, sunglasses, gift cards to fashion, etc. NO BEAUTY ITEMS)

$10 gets you on the linky, in the Lookbook, in the Facebook group, part of our Promotions/giveaways throughout the year, on the Blogger Participation and Promotion list and all the administration you can handle! $10 payable to zurek620@aol.com via paypal as a non-refundable SERVICE. In message section, put in your blog URL ONLY!!!! Signups end 2-15-2013 Late signups $20. Extra Links $10

Referral Credit: For every blogger who puts you as a referral (not including yourself), you will get $5. Both of you must put your event up on time to qualify!

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