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Below is our online survey! Please fill out completely and we will be in touch with you to complete your trial algorithm for your instagram account.
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We have the ability to:

Likes/hour - We allow a maximum of 60 Likes/hour, which would approximate to 1,440 Likes/day.

Follow/Unfollow Service: (this is optional)

One of the most effective parts of our targeting service is our follow/unfollow cycle. The follow/unfollow cycle acts the same as the liking process. Our follow/unfollow service brings people over to your account at a faster rate then the liking portion of our service.
The same process occurs as the liking service: Unique users will make their way back to your account and they will make a decision on whether or not they wish to engage with you based on your profile and the value you have to offer. This is another way we create organic followers and engaged followings.

We have the ability to:

Follows/hour - We allow a maximum of 40 Follows/hour, which would approximate to 960 Follows/day.
Unfollows/hour - We allow a maximum of 40 Unfollows/hour, which would approximate equal 960 Unfollows/day.

What we like to do is have a 210 person follow/unfollow cycle with our clients.
No matter what, the amount of people you are following now will be the same when are cycle is over. We can assure you on that!
People sometimes ask us if this is a rude process and the answer is no. Only some people will notice you unfollow them and unfollow you back. However the majority of people will stay following you because of the value you have to offer. We are only looking to bring people over to your account who will like your content and engage with it for the sole purpose that they like you and what you and your brand has to offer.
Will you be ok with our service following/unfollowing accounts on a 210 person cycle? This cycle will be run on a 25 person/hour speed.

Are you OK with the above services? *
More Info on the Follow/Unfollow service:

The follow/unfollow portion of our service is crucial to fast growth. We do want to warn you that your news feed will become a bit saturated with people who you do not know. However, our service will return your news feed back to normal when the cycle is over, unfollowing all the users our targeting service follows.

When on the Follow/Unfollow service, please do not unfollow any of the accounts that we are following! This could throw off our cycle.

We have more information on this particular 210 person cycle we can share with you if need be!

SouthHaus Digital Analytics & Auditing
While on our free trial you will receive our analytic software and auditing system. SouthHaus Digital will gather all of your Instagram data over our 7 day trial and create a before and after PDF showing you your account growth. The data we pull will help us devise a plan for your accounts growth. One of the most important pieces of data we will track for you is your best engagement times. Your best engagement times are so important now that Instagram's algorithm is changing. We will start to understand when your followers are online, but most importantly when those followers are most likely to engage with your content!

SouthHaus Digital Analytics

SouthHaus Digital Analytics are a key to growth! Our analytics help our clients understand how their audience is reacting to their content. This helps us continually improve and sculpt the direction of our clients profiles.

Our analytics include:

Engagement Times
-Understanding when your audience is online and most willing to engage with your content.

Account Growth
-Tracking account growth helps us better understand what works with your profile and what doesn't. Everyones account is different!

Talk Rate
-Our talk rate analytics track what ​sparks conversation on your profile.

Hashtag Engagement
-Know what hashtags work and which ones don't by allowing us to track their engagement rate!​

SouthHaus Analytics help maximize your potential reach for faster account growth!

SouthHaus Digital Auditing
SouthHaus Digital Auditing makes sure your content is on a consistent path toward your social media and brand goals. We take the time to look over all of your content and make sure the picture or video, descriptions, hashtags and geo-tags are all laid out professionally and are the most attractive they could possibly be.

SouthHaus Digital Auditing lets our clients know where they are, which helps them better plan where they're going. Our audits also help identify current reach, campaign success, and the competitors and influencers in your space to optimize your growth.

If you have any questions about our survey or what our service can provide, please ask!

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