Bombsheller Design Submission
1 per month

Assuming all your ducks are in a row (sufficient image quality, embedded images, etc), submissions received by noon on Wednesdays should appear in the store the following Monday. Submitting several designs at once may take extra time, but rest assured we're busting ass to get them up.

Designer, Art Credit, and DesignName will all be shown on the site and on printed leggings, so double check your spelling!

Designer *
What do you go by? Could be a real name or pseudonym. (Limited to alphanumerics, periods, dashes, and spaces.)
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Art Credit *
Who produced the original graphics you’re using? Could be you, Monet, or the graffiti artist whose mural you photographed. (Limited to alphanumerics, periods, dashes, and spaces.)
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DesignName *
What's the title of this design? We hold the right to change it without notice if the name is not unique or doesn't follow the CamelCase convention. Search the website to check for name availability. If you're submitting multiple colors of the same design, list DesignName here and colors below. Use CamelCase by capitalizing each word, no spaces. Ex: "BurntBananaPie". Max 20 characters.
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Color variations (optional)
If you are submitting more than one template with alternate variations of your design, then list all of them here. An example of this would be a #SpaceFlower design that comes in "cosmic red, galactic blue". List the colors only, separated by commas, and not the #DesignName.
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Is this a new version of a previously submitted design? (optional)
Ie, you wish to replace an old submission with this new one.
Are you using the latest version of the template? *
The top of your template should say S13. If you have an earlier version, please download S13 and copy/paste your graphics.
Change File Name *
Rename your Illustrator file in the format: "DesignName-V1S12". DesignName, V# (Version Number of your design), and S# (Shells Template Version).
Link to File(s) *
Upload the .ai file or folder to a cloud storage service of your choice. (Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, etc.) Double check that you've allowed sharing. Copy and paste the link here for us to download.
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Royalty *
How much you want to make on each sale? We'll add this number to our base price of $69 USD. You MUST have provided us with your tax info via the Bombsheller Artist Agreement to set any royalty above $0.
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Personalization & Customization
Allow Bombsheller to place custom graphics or logos on your design (i.e. sports teams). Artists receive 50% of their royalty for these sales. Choosing to participate can get your design exposed to a wider audience.
Write a product description *
This will appear next to your product in the catalog. You could include your design's meaning, your artistic process, cultural / historical significance, or whatever will help infatuate the customer.
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Email *
In case we need to get in touch. We won't share this with anyone, period.
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How did you hear about Bombsheller? (optional)
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Instagram, and other social handles?
If we post pictures of your design, we want to give you credit and point to your page. IG, Twitter, FB, Tumblr...whatever you want to give. We'll keep them on file, no need to re-submit with each design.
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