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SECTION 1: Listening Comprehension
Example 1

This section tests your ability to comprehend spoken English. It is divided into two parts, each with its own directions. You are not permitted to turn the page during the reading of the directions or to take notes at any time.

Directions: Each item in this part consists of a brief dialogue involving two speakers. Following each dialogue, a third voice asks a question about it. When you have heard each dialogue and question, read the four answer choices and select the one—(A), (B), (C), or (D)—that best answers the question based on what is directly stated or what can be inferred. Don’t look at the questions until they are read on the tape. Now, let’s begin with the first item.

Here is an example.
You will hear:

M1: Do you think I should leave this chair against the wall or put it somewhere else?
F1: Over by the window, I’d say.
M2: What does the woman think the man should do?

You will read:What does the woman think the man should do?
(A) Open the window
(B) Move the chair
(C) Leave the room
(D) Take a seat

The correct answer is (B). From the conversation, you find out that the woman thinks the man should put the chair over by the window. The best answer to the question “What does the woman think the man should do?” is choice (B), “Move the chair.”

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