Chicago InterVarsity Fall Encounter Registration
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FEE $30. Suggested Volunteer Donation: $30. Scholarships and Financial Assistance Available! Pay At Fall Encounter.

This year, if you commit to going to Fall Encounter, you will be granted a $40 scholarship to Urbana as well. Must be registered for both conferences by Fall Encounter.
What would it look like for the Kingdom of God to break into every crack and crevice of your campus? To see every dorm, every club, every class, every team, every house, every cultural group experience the healing and transforming power of Jesus? And what if it wasn't just for your school, but for every university in the city of Chicago?

That's what Fall Encounter is about. Encountering the Holy Spirit together and empowering a movement of students like you to bring the Kingdom to the places that only you can.

Location: Christian Vision Land.
12210 Antioch Rd, Salem, Wisconsin 53179

Starts: Oct 26th 6:15pm
Ends: Oct 27th 9pm

What To Bring: This will be an overnight event, so please bring all necessary toiletries, sleeping bags, bibles, a pillow, journals, and paraphernalia.You can also bring board games, or any other fun outdoor activities for free time

We will try to provide transportation but if you have access to a car, we ask that you help drive yourself along with other students =)

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