Personality in Sport
We are Sports Science & Sports Development students from the University of Portsmouth based in England. We are looking into what personality features different sports possess, this questionnaire is our method of information gathering for this project. The information you give us will be handled with the utmost care and will not be shared with outside sources. This information will be used only in the context of this project and your identities will not be associated with the answers you provide.

The questionnaire is split into four sections; the first section will be a biographical section (about yourselves), and the next three will assess your personality. With every answer you provide please select the response that you identify with best. If you feel that no answers represent your opinion please choose the one that you dislike the least. We ask that you answer every question and respond only to the amount we have asked of you. There is no correct answer and please be truthful to yourself.

Every response we receive is greatly received and is invaluable to our studies so thank you for taking part.

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