OSM Small Groups - Lent 2017
For those interested in being a part of a small group of 6-10 parishioners who will explore "The Journey" together.

As some people already did Part 1, some groups will participate in Part 2. Some groups will be doing Part 1, some will be doing Part 2.

Through the six sessions of The Journey, you can refresh and renew your intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. The sessions, lasting 90 minutes, are user-friendly and easily evoke a sense of spirituality and prayer. After getting to know each other, you will hear a passage from Scripture. You will then watch a video – which links everyday experience with the experience of one of Jesus’ early followers— followed by reflection and sharing.

The groups will meet during Lent, but it is also flexible per the group's decision/availability to extend the sessions into the Easter season..

You can watch the preview video here: http://www.pemdc.org/programs/thejourney/

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When would you be available to meet consistently for the 6 week time period of Lent? (Check all that apply)
If you have a person (significant other or friend) that you would like to be put in a group with, or if there is anything else you would like the coordinator to know, please share here:
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