TEDx Countdown Talk Competition Pre-Screening Form 甄選表格
TED or TEDx talks could be on your playlist. Now they could be on your to-do list!

TEDxEncompassHK is now offering secondary school students a TED talks-style experience, on an actual stage! We are calling for participants who have an idea worth spreading, especially ideas echoing the global TEDxCountdown initiative, to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.

In the TEDx Countdown Talk Competition on 17 July 2021 (Saturday), students will create their own TED style talk of no more than 5 minutes, based on the theme of climate change. Talks can be in Cantonese or English as we look to raise more awareness amongst the local community.

How far can individual climate actions go? What systems are necessary for individual climate actions to go further? We hope to provoke conversations that spark more individual climate actions in Hong Kong.

We’re looking for beautiful, intimate and ultimately uplifting stories of how the students can inspire others to combat climate change.

Application Day: on or before 31 May 2021.

TED或TEDx 演講現在不單單出現於你的播放清單,更是你的待辦清單上的其中一項!

TEDxEncompassHK 現提供中學生一個嶄新的TED形式的演講體驗 - 我們誠邀中學生在台上分享他們認為值得宣揚的想法,尤其是與TEDxCountdown相關的氣候變化問題。

在2021年7月17日舉行的TEDx Countdown Talk Competition中,學生將以氣候變化為主題,通過廣東話或英語,進行不超過5分鐘的TED形式演講。

個人在氣候行動中可以能走多遠,做到什麼? 要進一步推動個人層面的氣候行動,我們需要哪些支援? 我們希望引起對話,激發香港更多的個人氣候行動。


I am interested in participating in the TEDx Countdown Talk Competition. 我有興趣參加TEDx Countdown Talk Competition。 *
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