Princeton University Friends of the Davis International Center Group English Conversation Program Registration Form for 2023-24

The Group English Conversation Program is open to Princeton University international graduate students, visiting scholars and their spouses/partners.  A limited number of community members may also enroll, depending upon the availability of tutors and space.  Community members enrolled will be asked to pay a small fee ($25 per semester) to support the program.

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I plan to participate in the tours arranged by the Friends of Davis International Center 

I understand that there are risks associated with my participation.  I have decided to participate in these events and my decision to engage in this activity is completely voluntary.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in the trips, I absolve and hold harmless Princeton University, its Trustees, officers, administrators, faculty, staff, and other employees or agents (hereinafter “Princeton”) from all liability arising out of claims or actions relating to any accidents, injuries, damages or loss that I may sustain during the tour, except for liability arising from any act or omission by Princeton determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to constitute gross negligence.

I further agree not to assert any claims or actions against Princeton for any harm that may occur to me as a result of my participation except where I have a good faith belief that such harm is the result of gross negligence by Princeton.

I am freely and voluntarily executing this Assumption of Risk and Release and I have fully and completely read its contents. By signing this document, I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and agree to the terms of this document.

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