Apply for early testing of new Supernote features

If you are interested in getting an early experience of new features and helping to test and report bugs or any issues you might face, you can apply to join the ETP (Early Testers Program) and your feedback will deeply influence the design and development of future features.

What You Need:
- Own a Supernote device for over three months
- Enjoy using Supernote

Feedback Report:
- For A5 X and A6 X users, feedback can be sent through the settings menu on the device directly. For A5 and A6 Agile users, please send feedback by email to
- Feel free to discuss in the subreddit r/Supernote_beta, we are honored to co-design Supernote with you.

- I agree to receive emails from the Supernote team about ETP.
- I acknowledge and accept the risk that the testing versions may have unexpected bugs.

Please understand that we cannot invite everyone for the limited quota. You will receive an email once invited.
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