Welcome, Gen Con Megagame Volunteer!
On behalf of the Megagame Coalition, thank you for being interested in helping to make megagames possible at Origins 2020! As you can imagine, wrangling this many players in one place can be a daunting task. That's why we need volunteers to help make sure the days runs smoothly. Whether you've played board games since Catan or enjoy adventuring with D20s, so long as you're about making megagames happen, you're cool in our book.

Simply fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as things start rolling!

To receive a free badge, a volunteer only needs to volunteer for two events throughout the convention!
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Read game descriptions here: https://megagamecoalition.com/origins2020/ Volunteer time includes an hour prior to game start for setup and 30 min after game end for cleanup. The National Security Decision Making Games (NSDM) do not utilize volunteer moderators.
Please rate which aspects of Control (Game Master) are of interest to you.
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Adjudicating Mechanical Elements
Facilitating Role-Playing Elements
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The Megagame Coalition works year-round, and it can only expand Megagames thanks to the efforts of people like you. Are you interested in contributing to MGC outside of Origins? *
Tell us about yourself!
Avid RPG player? Wargame aficionado? Meeple Person? Just want to sign up to learn more about how these things work? Tell us what you like and what got you into Megagames!
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