Democracy in Action Fellowship Program
Mississippi Votes is a statewide non-profit 501c3 organization whose vision is to cultivate a culture of
civic engagement.
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Our fellows are responsible for hosting forums and events that enlighten, empower, and engage their peers to not only register to vote, but to be informed about the political processes and their local government. Our students will experience direct work relationships with their local and state representatives as they are engaged in legislative work and issues. Our students are the Ambassadors of Change on the campuses of their college or university. This program helps administrators, faculty, staff, and student leaders on college campuses across the state of Mississippi to engage students in national, state, and local elections. Our powerful resources and communally crafted approach to organizing helps us give our students and their campuses the tools they need to not only register young voters but turn them out to vote on election days. Of the 17 colleges and universities in Mississippi, Mississippi Votes has fellows on 9 of those campuses and one of them is YOURS!.
Selection Process: Fellows must be currently enrolled in a college or university in the state of Mississippi. Students will be selected through the application process and confirmed by the MSVOTES selection committee.
Terms of Service: July 2019 – April 2020
Total Payments: $800 per semester
Hours Per Week: 10 hours per week (Minimum of 10)
Duties and Responsibilities
• Host at least three (3) forums per semester (i.e. voter registration training, volunteer training,
“Why Local Elections Matter” forum etc.)
• Organize GOTV effort on campus (i.e. walk to the polls, pizza and polls…)
• Adopt MSV’s #Up2US Campaign (Ex. #up2usjsu #up2usmsu #up2ususm)
• Partner with other student groups doing civic engagement work (i.e. voter registration drives)
• Attend at least one of MS Votes’ scheduled Legislative Days
• Schedule By-Weekly Check Ins with MSV Youth Civic Engagement Coordinator
• Submit end of semester report to Youth Civic Engagement Coordinator

Must be enrolled in a college or university in Mississippi
Must be registered to vote in Mississippi
An interest in grassroots organizing and voter registration/voter education;
Demonstrate a commitment to educating peers about the importance of registering to vote and becoming an informed voter;
A self-starter who takes initiative to develop and implement their work plans;
Flexible with time commitments and able to put in an average of at least 10 hours a week through April

Complete the application below and submit to For more information about the Democracy In Action Fellowship program please see our website at
Part I: Basic Information
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First and last name
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Year in school & expected graduation date
Current GPA
Part II: Please briefly answer the following questions:
Why is it important for students to vote in every election?
How would you define issue based organizing and what skills do you think are important for an organizer to have?
If you were planning a campus voter registration event, what organizations would you partner with on campus? Also, include in your response five (5) steps you would need to complete to make this event happen and a list of materials and resources that will be needed.
How will this event make a difference in regards to student voter registration and participation?
Part III: Please attach a writing sample that answers the following question with application
Why are you interested in serving as a DIA fellow?
Describe your experience or passions related to the DIA Fellowship Program.
Brief Biography (tell us about yourself)
Submit your writing sample here: *
Application Deadline is May 15, 2019
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