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As we develop the Cities4Forests Partner Forest Program we are building a database of potential forest partners. To see more information about the program visit:

If you are a representative or key contact for a forest community or region who is interested in participating please fill out this form in as much detail as possible, and reach out to us should you have any questions or need clarifications. You will receive a receipt of your response after you submit allowing you to edits your response will be possible after you complete the form. (*) denotes the required fields to submit the form.

In certain cases we have pre-populated this form with information taken from web-based sources in the public domain. Please validate and edit this information as necessary.
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Your Name *
Your Affiliation *
Organization(s) and role
Forest Name *
Best name to describe the specific forest area and/or community
Country *
Where the forest is located.
Region *
Sub-national location (province, state, etc.)
Location Description
i.e. "North western Ecuador, from coast to Andes" (be descriptive – more than just locals will be reading this)
The Forest
Describe the forest, including why it is unique in terms of topography, biodiversity, location, or other biophysical attributes. For example: "The 750,000+ acre reserve begins at the Pacific ocean and quickly climbs to more than 16000 feet above sea level to volcan Cotacachi. Its coastal rainforest, montane cloud forest, and highland 'paramo' (grassland) are three of the most iconic and biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. It safeguards one of the few remaining examples of Ecuador's coastal rainforest, and is home to hundreds - possibly thousands - of endemic plant and animal species"
The Community
Describe the forest community(ies) – how many people live near or depend on the forest? What is their relationship to the forest? What is their history with the forest? Etc. For example: "This sparsely populated rural area is home to small scale agriculturalists, mainly of mestizo and afro-Ecuadorian descent. The Ecuadorian government has forged a successful partnership with the Cayapa, a tribe of native people whose ancestral lands lie within the boundaries of the reserve and who act as guides and guards. Despite its proximity to Quito the area is remote and road access limited."
Legal Status
Is the forest currently protected? If so, how? If not, how is it governed/managed, and what entities are involved? (Include other forms/influences of governance, IUCN category, etc. if known.)
Forest-positive Products and Services for Export *
What forest goods and/or services are currently being 'sourced' from this forest and could be form a point of connection with participating cities? Please list separated by commas, and indicate if each is potentially available to additional buyers.
Forest 'Buffer Zone' Products and Services *
Are forest goods or services currently 'sourced' from areas adjacent to the forest/buffer areas/areas where forest communities have access (may include plantations, agroforests, etc). If so, please list separated by commas, and indicate if each is potentially available to additional buyers.
Culture and History
Please describe any relevant history: E.g., Past interventions/NGO activities, the place of the forest in local culture and history, its significance to locals...
Challenges of the Forest and Community
What currently threatens the forest in question? Please describe current or pending deforestation/degradation drivers.
Endangered / Key Species
Are significant flora and fauna are found in this forest? If so, please describe.These can be significant for biodiversity, or other sociocultural reasons.
Interesting Facts
Is there anything else that makes this forest significant?
Other Important Organizations/Affiliations
i.e. programs/certifications/products in place and/or other partners involved in the area.
Primary Contact
Who does or would best represent a partner forest initiative on the ground with this forest?
Secondary Contact(s)
Who else has considerable knowledge or presence which could benefit a partner forest initiative here?
Websites *
What is the most useful website (or websites) to understand the forest and its partners
Other notes or ideas to share?
Any information , stories, links, names, or ideas for or about this forest that could be useful.
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