This Career Research Report is intended to get a better understanding of your interest in, and understanding of, the trades as a career path. Please complete all questions with as much detail as possible. All information needed to answer these questions can be found by researching the "Careers" page on the Youth Employment Program website (
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List up to three trades you are interested in pursuing as a career.
1. How long ago did you decide that you wanted to work in this field? *
2. Why did you choose this occupation and why is it suitable for you? *
3. What special qualities/strengths/talents do you have that make you suitable for this kind of work? *
4. Do you have any health problems that would interfere with your ability to do this kind of work? *
If "yes," what are they?
Mobility (walking, standing, sitting, driving, etc.); Health/Safety Concerns (dust, noise, allergies)
5. What salary do you expect when you start? After 5 years? *
1. What specific educational requirements do you need to register as an apprentice? *
(courses, averages, and certificates)
Do you have these pre-requisites? *
If "No," what do you need?
If needed, where do you plan to get the pre-requisites?
2. Which school(s) provide training for this field of work? *
How long is an apprenticeship for this trade? *
1. Name three or more companies/employers in Calgary who hire people in this field. *
2. What is the current demand/employment opportunity for people entering into this field? *
3. What is the future outlook for demand in this trade? *
4. Where did you get this information? *
1. What do people in this occupation actually do on the job (typical duties)? *
2. What are the working conditions? *
3. What are the hours of work (shifts, weekends, part time, full time, seasonal)? *
4. What is the work environment like (outside, indoors, assembly line, etc.)? *
In order to be successful in training, you need to be ready. Select the numbers below to indicate your level of readiness on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 signifying least prepared, and 5 signifying best prepared).

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